Aim of this website

“To introduce you to the world of autism. I am sure you think that highly intelligent people usually pursue a different path to the autistic one. Teaching how to withstand the evils help me get real purpose in my life. I think that the world needs to really understand that we are regular guys. Please open your mind to the possibility that autistic people have extreme intelligence and possess full cerebral capability.”


Message From Josh:

“I want to tell people how it feels to experience the world of the autistic. My world is in many parts: I have the autistic Josh, the spiritual Josh and the fun having Josh. I need people to know all of me and not just the autistic me. Facilities of Facilitation make me knowable to everybody.”

Josh hopes that this website will enlighten and educate which is his mission. The website is constantly changing so to benefit maximally please review it regularly. Josh has been able to help others with autism who are currently less able to communicate. If you have any feedback or a specific question to ask Josh, please feel free to use the Email or  Guestbook.

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