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  1. Josh
    I so enjoyed looking at your website videos – it is such a help for families like ours who have Children with autism. It shows how things can be good if you have a strong family and a dedicated team who all work together with you with respect. I hope and pray you have a great journey to your North Star and I look forward to following that journey through good and bad days on your website…..your Mum and Dad and all your teachers, support team and therapists are so inspirational !

  2. How totally refreshing to watch this video to see such a great model of personalised care . You guys are doing a fantastic job .As a mom with a son waiting to be discharged from hospital into his own home i really hope i can get a team together with a similar attitude to yourselves as Joshua will thrive . Go Joshua

  3. I very much appreciate the web site Joshua shares with others.

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