• Facilitated Communication

Josh was assessed by Marilyn Chadwick of the Facilitated Communication Institute at Syracuse University, New York. She continues to help and advise via Skype consultations which help us adopt a holistic approach to Josh’s communication strategies. In this video, you can see Joshua communicating using this and other methods.
“The most important thing is that I am able to communicate with the world and with my friends. I am really grateful for giving me the chance, I want and feel, all autistic people deserve.I would like to talk about Facilitated Communication.  It is a brilliant form of communication because it gives people who do not talk the ability to do so. I began using Facilitated Communication five years ago. My personal assistants support my arm but it is only me that does the actual typing. I have used this form of communication to publish articles in newspapers and making my DVDs. I have a number of friends who use Facilitated Communication”.