About Independent Living:

Joshua`s home and support needed to be set up to suit his specific needs. The show had to be independent of his parent’s input; they cannot be an active part of his life forever. With this in mind, we where striving to get the appropriate funding, housing, personnel and management which would enable him to live independently. This included dealing with:

Social Services:
  • Finding a support broker,
  • Drawing up a support plan,
  • Submitting plan to social services,
  • Negotiating and amending plan if need be,
  • Appealing if necessary,
  • Seeking legal advice and moving on to judicial review if necessary.
  • Approaching housing associations, social landlords and estate agents,
  • Seeking out appropriate locations,
  • Finding suitable property,
  • Identifying necessary adaptations,
  • Arranging inspection by house provider,
  • Agreeing on the finance,
  • Adaptations, furnishings and decor.
  • Advertise and recruit,
  • Set up training protocols and implement,
  • Set up management protocols,
  • Establish a management committee.