Inclusion Press

The Inclusion Press website tells you all you want to know about inclusion.

 HANDLE Institute

The HANDLE Institute  was founded by Judith Bluestone who struggled with ASD all her life. Her profound understanding of how the nervous system operates has led to her development of HANDLE, Holistic Approach to Neuro-development and Learning Efficiency. This is a technique of massage and other exercises to promote sensory integration.

• Donna Williams

Donna Williams’ website gives an inside view of Autism. She has made for herself a remarkably productive life as teacher, author, artist, sculptress and script writer amongst other things. 

 • Dogs for the Disabled

Dogs for the Disabled creates exceptional partnerships between people and dogs. rom assistance dogs helping children and adults with physical disabilities and families affected by autism, to pet dog autism workshops and innovative new projects working in schools and residential care settings.

• Facilitated Communication Institute

The Facilitated Communication Institute (America) is a rich resource of everything you would want to know about FC and associated specialties.

•  Autism Research Institute

The Autism Research Institute promotes alternate treatments for Autism and is an expert resource of up to date information.

• Baldwins

Baldwins specializes in natural products.

 Sunderland Research Institute

Sunderland Research Institute is led by Paul Shattock and Paul Whitely who have done pioneering work on the role of gluten and casein in the pathogenesis of autism. They are able to screen urine and advice on the likelihood of a gluten free/ casein free diet being beneficial.

• Imagineer

This website provides valuable information on support brokerage and all aspects of independent living.

• Mandimart

Mandimart is a family business providing fast delivery of biomedical supplements. Mandi is a wonderful source of information.
s that may not be catered for by mainstream groups – for example, connected with Jewish schools, accessing culturally appropriate resources, coping with Jewish Studies, attendance at Synagogue/Shul or coping on Jewish holidays and holy days.”

• Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring Foundation empowers you to take control of your health and enhance your quality of life by providing cannabinoid research initiatives in addition to educational programs and services.

ACE Centre

The ability to communicate is fundamental to a basic quality of life, yet for many people effective communication is difficult because of a physical impairment, language disorder or learning disability. Here at Ace Centre, we work with people of all ages who face such challenges.